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Outcome Studio Podcast - Marketing & B2B Technology Talk

Helping traditionally-minded sales and marketing pros become relevant by demystifying trending digital approaches. Why? To build stronger customer relationships. We also help curious, non-technical people talk the talk in B2B information tech and software.

Hosted by Aaron Abodeely, a curious tech marketer and sales leader, who had a breakthrough when he learned about how tracking pixels, marketing automation, and simple video communications actually augment human interaction with potential customers and users, not detract from it.

Jan 30, 2019

Show highlights:

  • 04:45 - Brian Bauer background in online marketing through the 2000's, broadcast television, to now working with new entrepreneurs and small business owners.
  • 08:00 - Challenges business owners are facing. His segment is focused on under $10 million total annual revenue, with the vast majority of companies being a couple $100k to the low millions ($2-3 million). They have small marketing budgets and typically don't have staff focused on marketing. Business resolutions are the same as personal ones, and owners are coming into January 2019 trying to map out marketing.
  • 13:00 - Challenges these owners face, Brian uses a high school analogy. Being a business owners is like trying to be straight A's on the report card in various subjects. Business owners have strengths and skills gaps. Certain areas will excel while others need help, in either finance, accounting, HR, sales, operations, or marketing.
  • 17:00 - Lead generation activities (short term metrics and ROI) are different than brand building exercise (long term metrics and ROI)
  • 18:00 - Thinking about a budget, total top line revenue helps to start, then we have to drill down into the nuance of the specific business. At $100k of top line revenue, the mindset is: "how do we hack stuff together and get impact for low cost?" And at $300k, these owners think: "how do we get thoughtful and designate marketing spend?" At annual revenue of $1 million, businesses start to get more traditional about marketing. Business owners ARE willing to invest, but (a) is it the right activity (b) will they get ROI and (c) have they been taught about the right ROI.
  • 22:00 - Considering these challenges, how can we offer solutions as marketers? Focus on client problem before our own needs. Owners want to be heard and understood, and if we can show them we understand and that we have a plan, marketers and sales people get credibility right away.
  • 26:00 - Marketers must kindle a conversation with the business owner about where potential buyers are hanging out in-person and online. Then, the marketer or sales person must show business owner a strategic and tactical plan for execution.
  • 29:00 - How to frame a project or a marketing test to make high impact within 30-90 days. Maximum really is 120 because the owner must see ROI.
  • 32:00 - Industry experience as a marketer, does it matter more than the technical skills?
  • 35:00 - On framing an ROI discussion and what biz owners care about in reporting with quantitative and qualitative marketing ROI reporting.
  • 39:00 - Final remarks and where to find Brian G. Bauer online.