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Outcome Studio Podcast - Marketing & B2B Technology Talk

Helping traditionally-minded sales and marketing pros become relevant by demystifying trending digital approaches. Why? To build stronger customer relationships. We also help curious, non-technical people talk the talk in B2B information tech and software.

Hosted by Aaron Abodeely, a curious tech marketer and sales leader, who had a breakthrough when he learned about how tracking pixels, marketing automation, and simple video communications actually augment human interaction with potential customers and users, not detract from it.

Dec 5, 2018

Show highlights:

  • 04:30 - Intro to Tucker Hood, Account Executive at Sigstr.
  • 09:50 - Creating video for LinkedIn as a sales rep at the seat at Sigstr, both providing sales advice and sharing thoughts on personal development and leadership.
  • 12:30 - Tucker sharing his battles with alcohol on LinkedIn, being 6 months sober.
  • 16:30 - How Tucker handled social pressure to not drink, and what sources of inspiration/ mentors helped him quit alcohol
  • 19:30 - Does publicly sharing problems with alcohol make it easier to manage? Sobriety enabling career progression.
  • 22:40 - Recommendations for others struggling.
  • 26:00 - Tucker's tips for success in sales.
  • 31:45 - Social selling and what it means to us, ethical ways to do social selling.
  • 34:30 - Companies enabling reps to do personal branding with video or written form, outside their companies.
  • 40:30 - Be nice to each other, and stay positive.
  • 41:30 - Closing remarks about if you're in a bad place how to ask for help, where to find Tucker.