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Outcome Studio Podcast - Marketing & B2B Technology Talk

Helping traditionally-minded sales and marketing pros become relevant by demystifying trending digital approaches. Why? To build stronger customer relationships. We also help curious, non-technical people talk the talk in B2B information tech and software.

Hosted by Aaron Abodeely, a curious tech marketer and sales leader, who had a breakthrough when he learned about how tracking pixels, marketing automation, and simple video communications actually augment human interaction with potential customers and users, not detract from it.

Nov 8, 2018

Show highlights:

  • 01:00 - Intro Ryan Smith, president of Leap Amp media and brand amplification agency in Indianapolis. Started in Marketing in PR in Indy Car Racing. Why working for nothing to learn your craft early is important
  • 23:00 - Pros and cons of B2B digital amplification driven by conversion, due to sales culture creating toxic top of funnel marketing awareness relationships
  • 33:00 - Market research, how to do it, why it is important for brands strategically to tell a story that resonates and drives outcomes
  • 39:00 - Multiple personas can be targeted unique ad sets, resurrection of community management
  • 46:30 - Social selling as extension of community management, influencer marketing. What is old becomes new again, especially streaming and connected TV options with targeting (versus traditional TV)
  • 59:30 - Wrap up and where to find Ryan Smith, President of Leap Amp online