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Outcome Studio Podcast - Marketing & B2B Technology Talk

Helping traditionally-minded sales and marketing pros become relevant by demystifying trending digital approaches. Why? To build stronger customer relationships. We also help curious, non-technical people talk the talk in B2B information tech and software.

Hosted by Aaron Abodeely, a curious tech marketer and sales leader, who had a breakthrough when he learned about how tracking pixels, marketing automation, and simple video communications actually augment human interaction with potential customers and users, not detract from it.

Aug 24, 2018

Show highlights:
00:30 - Artificial Intelligence beats world champion Go player, in the eyes of Henry Kissinger, article is from The Atlantic June 2018
05:00 - Advances in IT infrastructure (compute and storage) makes AI possible
10:00 - Conflating AI and Machine Learning as a common mistake
17:30 - Marketing personalized with AI, going beyond machine learning for tailoring to your audience with content
20:45 - Ethics and adoption of AI and Machine Learning for businesses, as they don't have a choice in using it
25:00 - Cybersecurity is heavily using AI today to prevent breaches 28:00 - The 3 Areas for Understanding Data Science: (1) tech/tools/software/hardware (2) math/statistics (3) domain expertise of your industry and functional area
31:00 - Telling stories with data to help humans
32:00 - Data scientists in short supply